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You’re explicitly inviting her to text you back when she gets a second.This is a quick way to gauge interest (if a girl isn’t interested, she’s likely to just stop texting you), but it also gives her permission to start talking to you.

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You can also ask her to hit you up when she makes it home.

By doing that, you’re showing that you care while opening the door to further conversation.

That memory is going to solidify any positive impressions she already made about you.

Tell her you want to get together again This is how you should end things: Let her know that you want to get together again. There is no better way to let her know that you actually had a good time, that you’re actually into her and that you actually want to see her again than by putting that out there.

But guess what: You’ve got it a lot easier than our brothers, fathers and grandfathers had it. This is a much smaller emotional investment than making a phone call.