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While the Flash format is slowly becoming less-utilized in the face of growing mobile apps, many quality games are still being made with it.

Flash uses Action Script, an easy-to-learn language that gives you control over the objects on your screen.

In this 13-part tour-de-force of game development, learn how to make a sidescrolling platformer game using Flash Professional and Actionscript 3.

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In this part, not only will we use actual images to represent our objects, we’ll learn how to use an entirely different shape, too!

Starting the Process Writing a Basic Game Learning Advanced Techniques Community Q&A Flash is a popular format for browser-based video games seen on sites such as Newgrounds and Kongregate.

), Multiple Levels with Locked Doors and Keys, Animations, Enemies, and Shooting.

Learn to make your own Pong game in actionscript 3 with this complete, step-by-step tutorial series, perfect for the beginner and intermediate alike.

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