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One day it stops altogether or the database gets corrupt and needs repairing.

Repairing takes hours or days because of the sheer volume of messages that need examining.

Obviously, there was something about my Super Drive that this DVD didn’t like. Once I edited this plist file and verified that I could watch the DVD presentation on my laptop using the Mac Book Air Super Drive attached to my laptop’s USB port, I then used Disk Utility to create a disk image (with a extension) that contained the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders of the original DVD.

I inserted the DVD again after running my disc cleaner in i Tunes. SOLUTION Whether it was by happenstance or good luck, I finally discovered the solution to the DVD problem once I remembered that my roommate had a USB Super Drive that she hooks up to her Mac Book Air. Insert “mbasd=1″ in the value below the Kernel Flags (If the string is not empty to begin with (it normally is), then use a space to separate the mbasd=1 from what’s already there). Save (press Ctrl-X, answer yes to save by pressing Y, press enter to confirm the file name) 5. Following the above steps, I now had the option to watch the video at a later date using just the disk image, or I could make a backup copy by burning the image onto a blank DVD disc.

I have an external hard drive that I bought from Other World Computing that I’ve partitioned into three sections: One of those partitions is bootable as an OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) system.