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I shall then attempt to explain why a practice that consistently fails scientific tests can seem so convincing to intelligent people who run across it in everyday settings.

Graphology is the allegedly scientific practice of determining people's psychological, social, occupational, and medical attributes from the configuration of their letters, lines, and paragraphs on a page.

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If graphologists claimed nothing more than that cultured people might write with a cultivated hand, or that stingy people fill every corner of the page to avoid wasting paper, there would be little dispute.

But the assertion is not merely that tidy people write neatly (which isn't always the case anyway)—they claim handwriting reveals the larceny in your heart.

There are over thirty graphological societies in the U. alone, with many using methods that a proponent says are "not easily combined with other systems." [2] This lack of standardization is compounded by the fact that many local practitioners make up their own intuitive schemes.

While there are some concepts common to most systems of handwriting analysis, there are equally notable disputes as to what the various "signs" mean.

Michon's student, Crepieux-Jamin, broke with his master to become the founder of what is known today as the "holistic" or "gestalt" approach.