radiometric dating planets - Maligayang araw at oras lang pagdating

His platelet count is back to normal, no more fever; though he seems to lose a lot of weight he has now regained his food appetite. Reyes for taking good care of him while he’s in the hospital as well as for the nurses who were patient enough to tolerate Kado’s mood swings when he wasn’t feeling well.

He’ll probably be back to school next week but for now he needs more time to rest. And for those who prayed for his recovery, thank you.

I mentioned these schools because, chances are, we might have frequented the same institutions.

Louis School of Mandaue (high school) and at the University of San Carlos (philosophy and psychology). since i was born here in Cebu but i grew up in Manila, until i graduated college(3 majors/degrees, diplomacy, dev't and psych).

so we have 4 things in common and 1 thing very opposite from common..