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As a responsible pa­rent you would say, I wish not to take this vaccine.” Sir Graham S. D., knew a lot about the subject of vaccination; since he formerly had been director of the British Public Health Laboratory Services. We were surprised to learn of the large number of persons in the civil and military populations that died apparently as the result of attempted immunization against some disease or other.

He said this: “The risks attendant on the use of vaccines and sera (plural of serum) are not as well recognized as they should be. Yet only a few of these are referred to in the medical journals. Hutchinson’s records covered only four or five years and were limited to Great Britain and that in other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Australia, probably much the same proportion of accidents were occurring—and further that such accidents have been going on for sixty or seventy years—one realizes that a very small proportion can ever have been described in the medical literature of the world.”—interviewed Dr.

As the figures steadily increased and we discovered that there were doubts about the safety of whooping cough vaccines, we asked the DHSS if current vaccines were available . The department insists, however, that the incidence of severe reactions to whooping cough vaccines is low and states that there are no plans to study our cases at present.”— The plan under consideration at the present time is for the federal government to fund the cost of giving wide-spectrum vaccinations to every child in the nation.

Those injections will, of course, be given on a mandatory basis. Gooding, of Wolsey, Essex, England, was pronounced a perfect baby by the doctor when she was born.

According to Sir Graham Wilson, former director of Public Health Laboratory Services of England, all it takes to get a disease in a vaccine—is to get yourself run down enough before you receive the vaccination: “When a vaccine is injected into the tissues during the incubation period of a disease or during the course of a latent infection, it may bring on an acute attack of the disease.