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Once you have chosen a good location, connect the booster's red (positive: ) and black (negative: -) wires to a 12v or 24v power supply line.

Please mount the booster as securely as possible to minimize vibration.

The ideal booster location is underneath the vehicle.

In most cases, this will be due to a brake caliper that is sticking or a bearing which has overheated.

In today's world, the Tire MinderĀ® booster helps our 433MHz transmitters avoid signal interference from the ever more prevalent wireless devices.

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Minder [email protected] In the event of a tire issue, the appropriate alert will be displayed in both the app and a push notification on your phone.

If you would like to start over from scratch, the Tire MinderĀ® TPMS App allows you to simply reset everything and start over.