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Open-minded and unburdened by the traditional music industry ego, she went along – curious to see what might result.

However, Irish love notwithstanding, Electra Heart wasn't quite the pop heatseeker Warners had hoped for and so here she is, on record number three, charting her own course once more.

"The interesting thing about Ireland is that the demographic is very balanced," she says.

"In some places, the States for instance, the audiences on the last record were teenage and gay.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the beauty explicitly states: Holy crap! On Thursday, Charli XCX released images from her campaign with Impulse fragrance.

As seen on photographer Charlotte Rutherford's Instagram page her own — and maybe even equal to the original?? And we can't wait to see how she continues to develop!

It took a lot of graft for her to get to where she is today. And suddenly I didn't and was going to ridiculous auditions.