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Best Andi Hey, It's already the second code 50 I get and I can still hear some sizzle feedback noise when I got my headphones plugged in (and actually it continues even when I plug them out with the speaker of the amp) Is there any way to get rid of them?

Thanks I need to replace the footswitch, preferably with a heavy duty one.

Is there a different model number/name, or are a lot of companies just posting the wrong picture?

I know it's been asked before but my Marshall Code 50 sounds realy muffled.

otherwise I'm sending this back and will try another Code 100 head but if the second amp does not work then I have wasted 1 whole year waiting for this amp and it Still is not resolved.....

There are a few of us on the forum who kind of keep tabs on "who's got what" for Orange amps.

I do know that I haven't heard of a 1974 2203, since they came out in '75.