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is composed of nearly three dozen letters, most addressed to men: "Dear Daddy," "Uncle," "Mentor" and "Neighbor," and more off-kilter scrawls to "Mr.

Cabdriver," "Yaqui Indian Boy," "NASA" and "Emergency Contact." Parker weaves often darkly humorous yarns through her vivid prose, as she remembers the strapping swain who opened her legs like "the EZ Pass track" and the biker boyfriend whose hand she stabbed with a fork when he reached for her writes a letter to the man who will one day love her daughter, Caroline, although hers is a less sarcastic note than Fey's.

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Parker, 45 has been dating Charlie Mars, 35, since June, and when the Emmy-nominated actress was in Los Angeles last week to attend the awards show, the couple couldn't keep their hands off each other, reports.

Parker had been a fan of the singer songwriter and last year she appeared in his music video for the song "Listen to the Darkside." There may be a dark side to the match as well: Once the news of their relationship broke, posted an email that accuses Parker of home-wrecking.

The email claims that, when Parker and Mars started their romance in June, Mars was still involved with his girlfriend of three years, journalist Lindsey Brown.

The email reads, "It was Brown who helped Mars move through his substance/drug abuse problems he has battled for the last decade." The email then suggests Parker should know better, as she was "dumped late in her pregnancy five years ago" – a reference to her relationship with Billy Crudup.

Tough talk: Claire Danes spoke about her past romance with Billy Crudup - who left his pregnant girlfriend of eight years Mary-Louise Parker for her in 2003 - during a chat with Howard Stern on his radio show on Monday It's that time of year when we revamp our wardrobe in readiness for winter.