todos ellos de índole más negativa, y por ende, más perjudicial para nuestro organismo.El maestro budista Gueshe Kelsang Gyatso considera que cuando nuestra paz interior es muy débil, nos supone un gran esfuerzo alcanzar la soledad, aunque sólo sea un instante, y por supuesto mucho más mantenerla.There is something more remarkable about, seizing an opportunity by the balls to explore things that please you, I call it magic.


Para nuestro bienestar, tan importante es saber construir relaciones sociales sanas, como recogernos en soledad para encontrar una conexión con nuestro yo interior.

Por tanto, pese a que se le ha otorgado socialmente una connotación negativa a tal estado emocional y/o físico, estableceremos una clara diferencia entre lo que llamaremos soledad y lo que llamaremos desolación.

” I give the usual answers: Blue Lagoon (though that’s a bit sad), The Golden Circle (also sad) and, if they really expressed an interest in enjoying themselves, I would suggest the every-weekend pub crawl, Bravó, Bar Ananas, Kaffibarinn, Prikið, Palóma, Húrra, Mandi, taxi and bed (retrospectively depressing). Or you can just chill out on one of the many couches (or is it chesterfields? It also has 7D, which is an interactive shooter video game IN SEVEN DIMENSIONS. There’s even a theatre that plays animated children’s shows…FOR FREE!

A willingness to love and treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated If you can say yes to these three things (preferably in your head not outloud), then you are ready for the best weather-proof, fun-filled day you can have on this glorious rock we call Iceland. The Mall Itself Smáralind has fun little exhibits and games to play just in the general area. After an exciting time in the fun park, take a breather and catch the newest blockbuster on surround sound. It wasn’t open when we did the photoshoot, but we would love to have seen a movie and, if we had seen a movie, it would have been AMAZING. Everything is so quaint and unique, but lacking in the modular splendour of a franchised brand. Most places in Iceland serve beer by the pint, like a bunch of no-nothing chumps. You can order a four-litre tower of beer to wash down your half-metre fajita tower. It’s like NATO never left and freedom was more than just nothing left to lose. Hagkaup: Your One Stop Shop For Everything Hagkaup is the Walmart of Iceland.

Set a day for yourself, do something that just you like, the way you like, in short, be the boss of yourself. Catch-up on a movie: woman alone in a theatre " data-medium-file="https://i0com/