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He has worked very hard to reach the top and after being so popular and so successful he is still very calm and collected. He has an enviable net worth of 1.5 million dollars and the figures have always been on the increasing side.

He has been absolutely rocking the social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

*Taken from a Prompt on Tumblr* Could someone write one where Matthew Gray Gubler and Spencer Reid both exist in real life but are different people and the reader who works at the BAU has a huge celeb crush on MGG and the team knows and someone mentions that MGG looks A LOT like Reid and they use that to tease her about really liking Spencer (she does) and she gets embarrassed.

Everyone has their favorite holiday: Thanksgiving, Christmas, maybe even Presidents' Day.

The writing was spot on and never before had I seen such great directing and acting in an independent horror comedy since Sam Raimi's early work. Is a brilliant up and coming writer/director and I anxiously await his future projects.