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While it's harder than ever to get a seat at Honest ('no reservation' policies and burger bars are comfy bedfellows) the food more than makes up for it; aged beef cooked medium-rare, with a dollop of caramelised red onion marmalade in a soft brioche bun.And the rosemary-dusted fries will vanish in seconds.For me, it was a Forties Universal Genève Chronograph on a brown alligator-leather strap.

Something happens when you pass 30: those yellow gold watches that, for the longest time, you had more than a passing disinterest in, start to look cool.

Maybe it's the few extra pounds that begin to settle around your midsection or the odd grey hair in your beard, but something changes when you reach your thirties that makes gold watches attractive even to those who had disavowed them years before. You think of your other watch-nerd friends with their steel Submariners and Speedmasters laughing at your pieces of man-jewellery.

Like the Royal Oak, its eight-sided design, milled laboriously from one piece of gold into 110 edges and surfaces, means the metal really is showcased to its maximum brilliance.

The ultimate Eighties rendition of yellow gold has to be in a "bicolour" mix with steel, and it has to be a Rolex Datejust.

The stall sell excellently constructed concotions including the dirty barbie burger, two patties stuck together with American cheese and coated in candy bacon, onions, BBQ sauce and ketchup.