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The lone man only needed to hold one of us still while waiting for his squad. ” Our assailant identified himself to the policeman, and the officer took three steps back as though he did not want any trouble.

A police officer casually ambled toward us as though he had no idea what was happening. He could have unholstered his weapon and stopped the attack on the spot, but even Lebanon’s armed men of the law fear the Syrian Social Nationalist Party.

Standing around and trying to reason with him would serve his needs, but not ours. I stepped back into the street, and the young man latched once again onto Christopher.

His job was to hold us in place until the muscle crew showed up in force. No one could have stopped Jonathan and me had we fled, but we couldn’t leave Christopher to face an impending attack by himself.

We had just attended a massive rally downtown commemorating the fourth anniversary of the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Our colleague Jonathan Foreman from Standpoint Magazine needed a shirt. So I led the way as the three of us strolled over to Hamra Street where we could buy just about anything.