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“It was always about transparency and simplicity, and even just consistency in what they were being charged.”But when Madhani brought these complaints to her superiors and suggested changes that might improve customer service, they expressed no interest in changing their tactics.

Madhani says she went back to the board with this request.

Merchant service providers have earned a bad rap in recent years.

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“I’ve seen countless line-item fees that sometimes doesn’t even make sense.”Fattmerchant charges the standard interchange fee from Visa and Master Card, but offers three monthly subscription options with a transaction fee that isn’t tied to sales.

Customers can choose between a $59 monthly subscription for 15¢ per transaction, a $79 plan for 10¢ per transaction, and a $99 plan for only 6¢ per transaction.

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Smizmaul says VOXtell has worked with three other merchant service providers before switching to Fattmerchant.“We could never understand all the charges, and it was never clear when they tried to explain it to us,” he says. To get our account canceled was a nightmare.”Smizmaul explains his company has saved nearly 40% on its monthly merchant services bill since making the switch.“It’s a great company to work with, and they’re doing a great job,” he says.