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Bro code or no bro code, James may not be that focused on Kara since his ex, Lucy Lane (guest star Jenna Dewan-Tatum) just arrived in National City. Mechad Brooks: Lucy Lane complicates things for James because they were in love. He's moved on with his life and he's trying to find himself as a man in every way.And it sounds like she wants to rip the bandage off of their nasty breakup. Check out what else Brooks has to say about James' love life, his backstory and more: James' ex Lucy shows up. And obviously there's an attraction between James and Kara, so Lucy kind of throws the whole monkey wrench in there for a second. Brooks: Yeah, you're heartbroken, you gotta resist, baby!

Plus, now this leaves the door wide open for Kara and The Flash/Barry (Grant Gustin) to officially happen when Kara crosses over to the rest of The CW's superhero series later this season.

(Mondays, 8/7c), James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) may have some undefined feelings for his friend and co-worker Kara Danvers/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), but acting on them is not an option...

reported will no longer be starring with Bravo full-time, claims it’s hard to date while on a reality show, as “no one wants to date the crazy chick on TV.” For years, Glanville has been known as the wild child on , and her alleged drunken behavior has often taken center stage.

Also during her interview with Stern, Glanville revealed she had hooked up with a number of men in Hollywood.

In 1940, when Jimmy came along, it's a very monochromatic experience in our society, right? We're able to play on topical events and things that have affected our society, things that have affected me in my life, whether it's with racism or whether it's with politics and social interactions that I've experienced in my life. If your father is successful or heroic or brave, many times we're in that shadow until we try to achieve who we are as men.