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So take these suggestions to heart, find inspiration for your visit, but in the end, your most beautiful Mendocino memories will be the ones not on this list – the ones you stumbled upon by accident on your way to your next agenda item. Take Highway 128 to Mendocino, passing through the beautiful Navarro Redwoods and Anderson Valley wine country.

Your first stop should be Goldeneye – purveyors of world-class pinot noir.

A Mendocino County man is collecting signatures in hopes of stopping any chance of his sister’s killer from being paroled.

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Meaning, it will be determined if Rogers has satisfied his sentence at the time of the hearing and is suitable to re-enter society.

If the Board of Parole deems him suitable, an administrative review will commence, and following, the parole decision will go to the governor’s desk for consideration. Allen, however, isn’t taking any chances, and is collecting as many signatures as he can in order to prevent the possible release of his sister’s killer.

Prior to Hilton’s murder, Rogers had a criminal record of domestic violence and assault charges dating back to the mid-1990s.

Rogers’ initial parole hearing is scheduled for Aug.

Although it presents itself as a pizzeria, everything on the menu here is amazing – the porcini and parmesan ‘chicharrones’ are especially delightful.