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PREFACE Ever since the Reformation began at the beginning of the 16th century, there have been steps taken, in response to directions from the Mighty One, to restore “the Faith which was once for all delivered to the saints,” Jude verse 3 RAV. However, this criticism can be refuted on the very Scriptural example of the Almighty even speaking through an ass (Numbers ), and even using stones (archaeology), as Messiah has predicted in Luke . When Christianity came to Rome a struggle between Sun-worship and Christianity ensued, for by then the Sun-deity had taken over from the older pantheon of Rome.This book, which you are now reading, is the Final Reformation, “the restitution of all things,” Acts KJV. ), will be found to be standing in the “Holy Place”. ) and all the things “what will be in the latter days” (Dan. It is well known that the Church, from the 4th century onwards, had accepted many pagan festivals, images, idol’s names etc., into the Church, with the apology that these things of idolatry have been “sanctified”. This struggle eventually ended when Constantine fused Christianity and Sun- worship.This is revealed to us in the book of Revelation by our Saviour, in Rev. The second table is the basis of our love towards our neighbour, our fellow-man (Matt. At the end of this article we shall study Revelation chapters 12 to 22 in full detail, wherein we shall discover numerous facts that witness to this, proving that we too have been “given up to worship the host of heaven”. 233, states, “Constantine combined veneration for the ‘Unconquered Sun my companion’ with that of Christ.” This frank and honest statement is confirmed by the three other authoritative sources. importance thus given to the worship of the material sun, which henceforth forms the centre of adoration in all non-Christian religions . Even the Christians could not long hold out against the flood, and the marks of the compromise to which the Catholic Church came in the matter may perhaps be seen in the coincidence of the Lord’s Day with Sunday and the Church’s adoption of the 25th day of December, the birthday of the Unconquered Sun-god, as the anniversary of the birth of Christ. However, his objection was ignored and they continued with this in the basilica up to the year 1300, as we shall see later. The Law cannot forgive and save us, but the purpose of the Law is to tell us what sin is – 1 John 3:4, Exod. Let us get complete clarity on the attempts made to justify these adoptions, this “canonization”, this “Christianization” or ”sanctification” of heathen customs, deities or festivals. Because the Sun was god, the Lord par excellence, Sunday came to be called the Lord’s day, as later was done by Christianity.” Our Saviour was called “Lord” and the Sun-deity was also called “Lord” (Kurios), the “Lord par excellence”.

They have been brought into the translations because the Almighty turned and gave us up “to worship the host of heaven”, just as He did to Old Testament Israel at various stages, Acts . The Unconquered Sun, the Sun deity, was proving the merit of its name – it was invincible !

The Apostles also reaffirm this necessity in 1 Cor. I did not come to destroy [or abolish or annul] but to fill.

The Gift of “discerning of spirits” must be prayed for, in order to discern between the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of error (1 John 4:6), to discern between the Spirit of Yahúweh’ and “the spirit that now works in the sons of disobedience” (Eph. Not many will accept the revelations coming forth in this book, “for many are called, but few are chosen,” Matt. “For the gate is small, and the Way is narrow that leads to life, and few are those who find it,” Matt. “Therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left,” Isa. 23:8 and 10), and only Leader, Shepherd and Overseer (1 Pet. They are those who truly come into the binding relationship with Yahúweh, the New Covenant, of which the Law of Yahúweh is still the contents—Heb. Only they will escape the end-time plagues and final destruction that is to come upon Mystery Babylon. In an attempt to justify this assimilation of Sun-worship with the New Testament Faith, much appeal was made, especially in the early centuries, to Malachi 4:2, the prophetic promise (interpreted by many to mean the Messiah) of the “sun of righteousness”. We do not want to justify this rather free translation, but in the light of Acts , 39 and 42, as well as Jer. This promoted a thankful attitude and an affinity towards Constantine, and likewise, he too was beginning to show some partiality towards the Christians.

This book is meant for those who, out of thankfulness for the Great Redemptive Love shown on Golgotha, can but only respond by loving our Elohim with all their hearts, all their minds and all their souls. It appeals to those who have come to know their Saviour personally those who, like us, “serve Yahúweh with gladness”, who “rejoice in Yahúweh always”. He is the One Who motivates us to do the Will of His Father, to bring us to the place where we can truly say, “I delight to do Your Will, O my Elohim, and Your Law is within my heart,” Ps. This book is a call to worship the Father not only in Spirit, but in Truth also—John -24. Notice especially in 2 Kings and 41 how True Worship was mixed with idol worship. However, this figure of speech cannot justify the adoption of Sun-worship, just as the figurative reference to the Messiah as “the Lion of the tribe of Judah” (Rev. For primitive man, ignorant of the True Worship and the True Mighty One, it is only natural to start venerating or paying homage to the sun, moon and stars (the host of heaven), of which the sun is the most important, giving warmth to man and animal, and life-giving growth to plants. The ‘host of heaven’ was the dominant influence in Babylonian religion. 10:2, it prompts us to carefully heed His warning to remain in His Covenant, His Law, lest we become as the heathen who worship the host of heaven. Subsequently he extended further rights and concessions towards them.

Although they are still found in Christianity, they are not found in the Scriptures, Old Testament or New Testament. E.), who worked with Constantine, admits the Church’s decision to change from Sabbath to Sunday, “All things whatsoever that it was duty to do on the Sabbath, these we have transferred to the Lord’s day.” (Eusebius, vol.