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If I fail the mission I reload from the last save point and try again with the helicopter as my primary mode of transportation. And later, as I was riding in a taxi, I heard him being interviewed on one of the talk radio shows. The game continues to delight with its attention to detail. I don’t recall ever seeing the same scenario being played out in two different places.

It cuts down on this redundant travel time dramatically. To evade a 4 star chase I chose to run down into a subway and run through the subway tunnels under Algonquin. As with many games, treasures (in this case usually weapons) can often be found off the beaten path. I quite enjoyed the changing weather conditions in the game.

Unfortunately you can only fly under 9 of the 15 bridges when Alderny (New Jersey) Island is still locked.

If you attempt to fly under those bridges before unlocking it, you’ll be chased by other helicopters and shot out of the air.

I suspect I won’t post diary entry #5 until I complete the campaign.