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The songs include lines like: "I will f*** anybody up in the worst way, rape a b***h on her birthday," and "I'm a motherf***ing demon, I'll stab you in the face with a diseased needle."Continue reading: Corrie Star Chris Fountain Unmasked As 'Unacceptable' Rapper 'The Phantom', has been suspended from the show after his reveal as the masked rapper, The Phantom.

Alter egos might generally be a bit passé at this point, but Fountain’s gig on the side was controversial enough to land him in hot water with the family friendly programme.

It explains that he has flown away from Weatherfield following a fight with his girlfriend Tina Mc Intyre - played my Michelle Keegan.

Tina arrives at their flat to find David Platt - played by Jack P Shepherd - who tells her: "Tommy proper kicked off.

It's been fantastic." Maggie Jones, another of the ITV soap's veteran actresses, won best comedy performance for her portrayal of Blanche Hunt.