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, and she opened up about catching an ex-boyfriend’ cheating ways in a preview of the #Girl Chat segment.

“Actually I found out that someone I was dating for a number of years flew a young lady out while he was out on tour because she was dumb enough to put it on her Twitter,” she said after admitting she was known to google people and lurk on social media sites.“ Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news.

He also hosts Bible studies, pre-game and post-game prayer, morning devotions, and fellowship meetings with families. this part is the least "deep" but my most favorite of all of the T. // #40single Postsbefore40 #myhatblewoffintotheocean LOL 😂 A post shared by C H A D J O H N S O N (@chadjohnson77) on I've taken some time out for myself …… I've always lived life in a way that held others first …… #40for40 // you HAVE to make sure you're filled up and at your best to be your best for others!!

brought her best friend Busy Phillips as her date to the Golden Globes, but who's she bringing to the Academy Awards? Well, he himself is not a book, but I understand the sentiment. Safran Foer, who's known for his novels Williams, of course, was with the late Heath Ledger from 2004 to 2007.

Actor Charlie Plummer pays the older John Paul Getty III in the real life story about a boy who was kidnapped in Rome at age 16.