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"The lyrics to the single ' Survivor' are Destiny's Child's story, because we've been through a lot," says Beyonce "We went through our drama with the members, and everybody was like, ' Oh, well, no more Destiny's Child.' Well we sold even more records after all of the changes.Any complications we've had in our ten-year period of time have made us closer and tighter and better."The, album, which was co-written and coproduced by Beyonce features for the first time, all three members singing lead on every song.Michelle, lean and long in tan pants and a camouflage tank, is earthy and easygoing (as family friend Vernell-Jackson describes her, "one of them downhome-sister girls – you know, eating-corn-bread-and-red-beans-type girls"). ) The girl is just impossibly curvy, with luminous, tawny skin.

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Fine, except for the kids who have the walleyed look of the Today's Catch section of the supermarket, clearly on funkiness overload.

Forty-five minutes later, the trio sweeps out of the gym and onto its plush tour bus, the stage is disassembled, and members of the Millard North Mustangs soccer team arrive for practice.

"Which is something that Kelly and I wanted from the very beginning," says Beyonce "We couldn't do that for the first two albums." The single "Survivor" was the first song recorded for the album, and its theme informed the rest of the tracks.

"We were like, ' All the songs from this point on are gonna be about surviving something,'" Beyonce adds.

Knowles would kick His ass to the curb if He wasn't giving no percent.