Minecraft beta auto updating client 1 7

minecraft beta auto updating client 1 7-30

um realistisches Verhalten Ingame zu haben.- fix a problem with "autostackers" : the fill Volume was displayed, and so, the "fill Level" figure remained to 0 all the time.

(from now on, if the fill Volume is 0, then the fill Level's figure is displayed) - displayed fill Level figure is now the "fill Volume" (take into account the compression factor for forage wagon for example.

Fixed ✔ Bungee Cord: It's been known for years that Bungee Cord barely works with Forge & seems that it'll never be supported officially.

Fixed ✔ Buy Craft X: Doesn't seem to work with Thermos, info on why it doesn't is unknown currently.

A new version will be pushed soon fixing the version checking and for some bugs fixes.