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India's Liberalization Children (those born or raised post 1991) are today firmly in the realm of adulthood and shaking up one of the oldest traditions the country has known.Aided by technology and some smart entrepreneurs, they are giving arranged marriages a 21st century makeover.New users are doubling every month — 80,000 in July, 1.5 lakh in August and 3 lakh in September.

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Every member goes through layers of screening including a detailed interview with a senior Floh staffer.

"Parents often call to thank me and tell me that we are doing a great social service," says Mangharam with his goofy smile.

Then there are niche offline players like Floh and Footloose No More, which focus on meet-ups and events for singles.

With strict screening and a membership fee, they are building a small but loyal and discerning member base of singles.

Increasingly, they themselves — not their parents — want to occupy the decision-making seat.