Modelling perception updating of travel times ashley tisdale dylan sprouse dating

Net Logo is chosen as the ABM environment to be used in the project, and is used to develop a traffic simulator, which is then calibrated and verified with data from traffic research.

The simulator is used to model part of a local road network with and without a HOV lane, and results are compared to claims of success from the local council.

The purpose of the project is to show that traffic simulation is a worthy tool for traffic engineers evaluating alternative schemes.

If this is the case, then the causes and effects of traffic congestion need to be understood now or it is could become much worse a problem in the near future. Source: [55] At its most basic, congestion is caused when the volume of traffic exceeds road capacity.

This holds for most perceived causes of congestion; for example, accidents, breakdowns and road works decrease the available road capacity, while school-run and holiday traffic increase the volume of traffic [50].

The volume of road traffic has increased rapidly in recent years.

In the UK, total road traffic has almost doubled since 1980 (see Figure 2.1).

In the plan, a simple definition of congestion has been adopted, which makes it quantifiable: Congestion in this Plan is defined as the average delay experienced for each kilometre travelled compared to driving at speeds typical when traffic is light.