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Why it's awesome: The laughs, the tears, the song and dance parties.

When to bust it out: When things are changing and you both need to be reassured that everything will be okay. Why it's awesome: Akeela sets her sights high and learns to work hard, despite tough competition and a mom who doesn't understand her dreams.

When to bust it out: When you're feeling nostalgic for your 80s youth and want to reinforce the power of female friendships.

When to bust it out: The first time your daughter suggests she can't do something.

Why it's awesome: It's a classic story of four young women growing up in civil-war era New England with a strong and independent mother.

When to bust it out: When your daughter thinks that classic American literature is only for English class.

Why it's awesome: This adaptation of Christina Crawford's memoir of life with her famous (and now infamous) mother Joan has had moms mockingly decrying the use of wire hangers since 1981.

(Or just be generally terrified.) Why it's awesome: Jesminder Bjamra is an incredible soccer player with a shot at the big leagues, if she can balance her love of the sport with her devotion to her close-knit, conservative family.