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On those occasions when we think about moving our first criteria for replacement dwelling are two 20'x20' rooms.

One for the longarm and one for Elaine's Sewing Room.

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I love listening to these songs and I love playing them on the piano, or even singing them in the shower. Ever wondered what something was, which was mentioned in an old jazz recording? One of my favourite novelty jazz-songs of the 1920s, ‘Doin’ the Raccoon’ was all about college boys who were all into the latest fad fashion of the 1920s – wearing coats made of raccoon-fur.

Raccoons, a huge pest-problem in big American cities, were hunted and trapped for their furs, which were sewn together into coats.

On the Needle Bar Incident, Michele tracked one down (not in stock) and it was delivered the next day.

In this case the USPS earned some points she shipped it without overnight delivery stipulated.

This is a sporadic journal of our experiences as we trek through retirement, life and quilting together.