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I would like to thank you for everything that has happened.

And the first thing Sheila ever said to me was "You're a bit short aren't you?

" I explained about the chair, and we laughed it off. So Sheila was my first date on that night, now you're given 3 minutes, Dong goes the bell.. I made my way round through the night but the only name that stuck in my head was Sheila, I just felt connected to her. I handed my sheet in, obviously Sheila had been ticked and I am sure she had ticked me too.

I was just standing after the event near the bar and She approached me, we started our banter where we had left off. So we exchanged numbers and I suppose that's when the real romance began. The next day I spent 4 hours on the phone with her. I proposed on this day on national TV on the Ant and Dec Saturday night takeaway by jumping out of a cake, almost naked.

And then she asked the question which probably changed my life.. So we started dating and it was like bringing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together, we just fit. You can watch the video below And she did say yes...

The place was alive with excited chatter and nervousness. I sat down in front of Sheila, she was also number 47.