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Shunning the trend of lone-wolf-loving supposed team games, Splash Damage has gone out of its way to encourage team play in Dirty Bomb.

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ADS is a luxury you can rarely afford, so get used to breaking those contemporary shooter habits and shoot from the hip almost exclusively.

It’s the easiest way to preserve your field of view and track targets, and the accuracy advantage afforded by ADS isn’t enough to motivate players to take careful aim.

This seems like an obvious statement for any class-based game, but it’s particularly punishing in Dirty Bomb if you try to go against the grain.

Splash Damage uses the term ‘Mercs in lieu of ‘classes, with each Merc slotting into a specific class and, thus, a particular play style.

There are a variety of Mercs on offer that suit specific play styles but there’s a lot more going on beneath the hood.