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For the Pink Martini album, see Splendor in the Grass (album).

For the TV film, see Splendor in the Grass (1981 film).

He met the four-time Oscar nominee Barbara Stanwyck on the set of (1953).

He played the young idealist later portrayed by Leonardo Di Caprio.

But really, even Hanks might agree that Wagner is the standard for classy deportment in Tinseltown. But Wagner's ultimate innocence in the matter prevailed, and the writer vanished along with his tabloid implications. "The thing is, you can't do anything about these articles. "You know with Natalie, I have handled her estate since she left us.

He's been there since the mid 1950s, for God's sake! This guy's already said these things in other articles." He clears his throat. I've done several things that have perpetuated her legacy.

Being so disappointed in their daughter, Bud's parents "pin all their hopes" on Bud, pressuring him to attend Yale University.