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As she got older she began to notice me more, but I just seemed to irritate her. She'd been lucky to get on the course as that type of hospital-based studying had tended to be phased out for degree level college-based courses.

Eventually, I was glad she'd left home as she was a right bitch to me as well as for mom and dad. Anyway, she'd charmed the course administrators to let her through.

It read, "Your sister will visit you when she finishes her shift at 22.00." I was reading the note in a hospital bed. Although movement was difficult, I could use my hands to read my i Pad or notes. For the first and second tests only, I had tubes and equipment hooked up to me solely for monitoring purposes.

I had returned back to normal life, and now had just three tests to go, of which this was the first. After this first one, there would follow a test in two months and the last in four months' time.

She always had a way of looking glamorous, whatever she was wearing.