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I found out that Moze was being chased by the security because she accidently touched something.

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" Moze asked her new boyfriend."Because the love of my life was right next to me the whole time." Ned said."Aw, thanks Ned you are the sweetest boy on this planet." Moze said giving him a kiss on the cheek."So do you want to have our first date tonight? " Moze asked."How about the Movies, I'll pick you up at six and we can see "Devils of the Deep"?

As they were walking, they were talking about their day."So I was wondering, how come you broke up with Suzie and chased after me?

They knew that those two were destined to be together."What happened to Suzie? Bigby asked."Well, I think Suzie didn't want to go out anymore.

Also, Moze liked me a lot so she went out with Loomer to get me jealous, which by the way did work.

They walked up to the front door and talked."So I'll see you later." Ned said."Yeah I guess so.