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The Church of San Agustín at Paoay is the most outstanding example in the Philippines of 'Earthquake Baroque'.

Fourteen buttresses are ranged along the lines of a giant volute supporting a smaller one and surmounted by pyramidal finials.

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Some scholars have suggested for Filipino UNESCO-related agencies to undergo UNESCO cooperation with Spain and France to maximize the possibility of more UNESCO declarations in the country as declarations since the entrance of the 21st century was regarded as 'too few and very slow' (1-2 sites per 10 years) as compared to UNESCO records of Asian peers, namely, Japan (1-2 sites per 5 years), India (3-5 sites per 8 years) and China (1-3 sites per 2 years).

The Heritage Conservation Society said in 2013 that the world heritage committee (WHC) membership of the Philippines, which will be from 2013 to 2017, will serve as "preparation time" for future nominations as the government and numerous NGO's are finalizing nomination dossiers of the country for 2018 onward.

The walls are devoid of ornament but have delicately carved side entrances and strong buttresses.

The Church of Santo Tomas de Villanueva stands on the highest point of Miagao, its towers serving as lookouts against Muslim raids.

Its first committee membership also brought the first site declaration in the country and the most site declarations in a given time frame.

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