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You are not required to like the book.)Even tho I swear to god most people that I’ve seen review Pop Kids negatively do not understand the points Davey was making through social commentary and satire.

You are not required to like the book.)Even though there was copious amounts of sex, it wasn’t the focus of the book, and it was really a tool to bring satirical situations together.

It also addresses how utterly obsessed American culture is with fame, celebrities, and every little aspect of their lives.

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A pop-culture obsessed, pseudo-vegetarian, atheist, pyromaniac, trapped within a rural northern Californian town, he longs for escape to a city life of fame and fortune. But when the underground parties that Score hosts start to spiral out of control his fame comes early.

As does his collaps Score Massi is about to turn 18 years old.

Sorry if you don’t understand that brand of writing but maybe it wasn’t meant for you.

(Disclaimer: if you understand the book and just legitimately don’t like it, you are entitled to your opinion.

Furthermore, the misrepresentation of authentic male behaviour within online fan fiction has met it's match in Havok's representation of females in this work, which is in turns fanciful, uninformed and even border-line misogynistic, with the only female character not regularly identified by her body parts (or her relevance to the protagonist's libido) eventually revealed as deceitful in it's conclusion.

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