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With Victoria Sinitsina, he is the 2016 Russian national silver medalist.

With former partner Elena Ilinykh, he is a 2014 Olympic champion in the team event, a 2014 Olympic bronze medalist in ice dancing, a three-time European medalist (silver in 20; bronze in 2012), and the 2010 World Junior champion.

They won the bronze medal at the event and then performed with Art on Ice.

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I mean the action is good, storyline is great and I couldn't see anyone over-acting. I just hope they don't stretch it unnecessarily like few other TV series.

Right from the beginning,the building of characters was next to perfect.

She was born on 5 September 1995 to Marwari parents.

Nikita being in the field of fashion has walked ramps before.

Nikita Chandak is a Nepalese model and beauty pageant titleholder who won the title of Miss Nepal 2017.