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Since 1985, Motley Crue's music has been used in both television shows and movies.

Knight Rider, Northern Exposure, Beavis and Butthead, and One Tree Hill are a few of the television shows, and songs of theirs have been used in Charlie's Angels, the movie, Rock Star, Charlie's Angels; Full Throttle,...

I think that Gene should call it a day, and that we should look at this beautiful catalogue of music that Prince has given us. Like all tragedies, we always find those who rise up and inspire us – to be kinder, more gentle, more human. You are so much more than a rock legend – you’re a good man.

Nikki Sixx seems to have found someone to “Kickstart His Heart” after his recent breakup from Kat Von D — Denise Richards.

Now clean, Sixx remains humble about his horrific and terrifying experience with drugs while he was supposed to be on “top of the world.” Recently, as many know, Gene Simmons had some harsh words about the death of legendary musician Prince.