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The rest of the episode is surprisingly low key for a season (and potentially series) finale.

We see Adam and Crosby helping Zeke with the move, since true to Zeke Braverman form he didn’t hire movers.

If there’s a more low key version of the coming out scene in another show, I’ve yet to see it.

Moving onto the other big plot of the episode, we return to Amber as she deals with not only Ryan in the hospital (there after a DUI resulted in him flipping his truck and resulting in a medical discharge from the military), but also with Ryan’s mom (played by Annabeth Gish), whose first words to her son upon seeing him in the hospital is “Well you’re a damn mess.” And with that one line, a whole other side of Ryan’s upbringing and home life is explained, as well as why she has no idea who Amber is.

And as both a fan of the show and as someone who volunteered to recap the episodes this season, this was a tough one to sit through.

Between the boondoggle that was Kristina running for mayor for half the season followed by her starting a charter school (which in comparison was less awful, but no less outlandish), Joel’s unwillingness to fight to keep his and Julia’s marriage together and the back and forth between Sarah and Hank as well as Drew’s love life in college, you could sense that after two seasons of smaller and more contained runs, the 22 episode order (along with Katims working on the About a Boy series) ended up being a burden rather than a blessing for the writing staff.

Yet a fan of W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket is beyond comparison and widely convinced me.