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After a lengthy fight, Elektra tries to do him in in a most unusual manner – for a ninja assassin at least – by getting behind the wheel of a truck and running Kirigi off a dock.

However, Kirigi emerges again looking like the Human Torch.

Ayakashi Ninden Kunoichiban Plus is a female ninja dating sim ported from it’s 1997 Windows release.

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There are 13 different endings and one of them features a lesbian marriage between you and your childhood friend.

Every manga has a hero, and every hero has a start.

The group will continue to create in musical spheres and otherwise, chasing directorial dreams, releasing a movie, touring, whatever it feels like.

Die Antwoord set out to release five albums, and it has to stop there.

She just cried with him.“You're the most exciting person I've ever met,” she said.