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The result: Manly, genre savvy, snarky Shinji with elements of unpredictability. Meanwhile, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was Asuka's foster parent, and Jackie Chan taught Rei some Kung-Fu. Takes place during Justice League Unlimited, starting from "Starcrossed".

Based on "Ben 10: Unlimited" by The Incredible Muffin. Breakdown returns to the Nemesis after escaping from MECH.

What would happen if the Marvel Universe and the Animated DC universe were melded together? Join the likes of Spider-Man, Captain America, and others as they join the Justice League in their battles to save the world! Caitlin Snow has been through so much in her life that she is now convinced that she could never be truly happy. Can he trust his new friends with his deepest darkest secret. From a story about Tigress's feelings of loneliness to a situation with a Chinese hat and a pear. Most of them will be Po Ti, but I'm trying to be free-range here.

That is...until a certain spider she's known for quite some time comes along to make her smile and feel whole again. Jack Darby lived a somewhat normal life or at least as normal as it can be for someone like him. Peter Parker a.k.a Spider-Man goes to Kuoh Academy and meets his childhood friend Issei and find out that Peter is the new Red Dragon Emperor while Issei is the White Dragon Emperor and a devil! So please enjoy the collection of Kung Fu Panda Oneshots Peter Parker is about to enter his senior year at Midtown High along with new challenges coming his way, both in his personal life and in his life as the Amazing Spider Man.

After an experiment with a prototype trap goes awry Ray Stantz finds himself stranded in a parallel New York with a completely different kind of Ghostbusting team.