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Constantinople III - Called by Constantine IV - 680 AD - over 200 Bishops i. Monothelitism now condemned by "Pope" Leo II - would diminish Christ's humanity (how can He be tempted as we are if his will is divine? Diothelitism officially affirmed-2 natures 2 wills perfect unityg.Nicaea II - 787 AD (Media - Paul Icon; 12th century Icon) i.Desecrated Hagia Sophia – something even the Muslims would not do.

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– Leo declared his own See and his successors there as the primary See and being in direct Petrine line of papal primacy. Constantinople II - Eastern Emperor Justinian I - 553 AD i.

Condemned - Theodore of Mopsuestia - Nestorian teaching ii.

• In the East - Muslims accused Christians of idolatry due to icons • Emperor Leo III and Eastern Bishops looked to destroy icons and in 730 ordered all images removed from Christian churches. Patriarchal Church System • Here the Greek church stopped, and is governed to this day by a hierarchical oligarchy of patriarchs equal in rank and jurisdiction a. The sacerdotal view of the ministry becomes prominent and fixed c. Just as the Waldensians are the most persecuted of all protestant denominations, the Coptic Christians of Egypt are the most persecuted of ALL Christian denominations, period.

• John, Bishop of Damascus, stated that God is in the icons as much as Christ is in the Lord's supper. Founded by John-Mark (author of the "Gospel of Mark") in the first century A.

But they survived and still exist today and are constantly in the news for all of the atrocities that the Muslim Brotherhood inflict upon them.