Non drinker dating

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I don't think most drinkers would try and pressure a non-drinker into doing it, and if they aren't pressuring you to drink, then what's the problem?? Or are you against all drinking for moral/religious reasons? If you know he goes beyond your threshold, then don't date him. O to drink either"there's a difference from drinking and getting so hammered that you wake up next to a guy..a guy.

First of all, why do you feel compelled to "work it out" so you could "possibly date a drinker"? I don't drink, primarily because I don't like the taste of alcohol. I am not much of a alcohol drinker, I don't like the taste very much, so I would like the other person to not drink alcohol very much..

"I just think it'd make you more relatable if you drank," he ended.

I looked at him, blown away he had really spent the majority of our dinner trying to push alcohol on me.

If drinking bothers you for whatever reason, then why not focus your search on non-drinkers? I also have no desire to get buzzed/drunk, so I've never had a need to acquire the "acquired taste." I don't have any religious or moral objections to drinking unless it drifts into alcoholism. If they like drinking alcohol alot, then that would be a big problem; we just wouldn't be compatible for each other...