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This communication can be done through gestures, touch, facial expressions, body language, posture, or eye contact.

Often, non verbal communication can give away a person’s real feelings, no matter what he or she is saying.

Psychologists may be best at reading non verbal communication as they, perhaps more than any other professional, know non verbal communication down to the very slightest movement or gesture.

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Body Language Decoded [Mens Guide to Non Verbal Signals]In this course you will learn about the non verbal communication from an expert dating and bodylanguage coach.

You will learn to pick up on, and have better control of sub-contexts, emotional progression on dates, eye contact, body language, and many more nuances that are present and important, but not directly discussed or focused on.

For example, if a woman tells her boyfriend she is happy going to a football game instead of shopping, but she is standing with her arms folded facing away from him, her body language clearly says she is not happy with the decision.

Non verbal communication can also be helpful in certain professions such as law enforcement.

Those wrinkles are called crow’s feet, and they’re a big part of observing a true smile.