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The taste was to tinny for my liking, a deep hoppy taste reminding me of an IPA or even a DIPA, but I couldn't get past that metallic tang.

no need to convolute my hops with sweet bready malts, let the hops stand alone in an ipa I always thought, but in the last few years I have really been coming around, and this is now right in my wheelhouse. plenty of bitterness way back to balance it out, and a somewhat clean finish for the style.

a bit of oily residue in here too from the hops, its sticky in the middle, and quite sturdy.

BEER INFO Brewed by: North Country Brewing Pennsylvania, United Style: American Amber / Red Ale Alcohol by volume (ABV): 6.00% Availability: Rotating Notes / Commercial Description: No notes at this time.

Added by burnstar on My first offering from North Country - unique is an understatement...

Right out of the can you get a copper-ish colored liquid with particles floating in a Brownian dance, a little disconcerting.

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