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“As the holidays roll around and especially when you talk about New Year’s resolutions, people are definitely thinking about finding love.” Gandhi works closely with and said the dating site’s membership numbers increase by nearly 50 percent between Dec. “You just blow the person off because you’ve got five other matches waiting for you.” For that reason, Gandhi advises her clients to be more patient with potential partners and not fall into a trap of superficiality.

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Along with that is something I like to think of as "boomer enlightenment": a realization that our days are numbered and precious, and divorce might be preferable to staying in an unhappy marriage.

Finally, there are more women in the workforce than ever before, giving them the economic autonomy and freedom that more easily allows for divorce. Finkel, a professor of social psychology at Northwestern University and coauthor of a study of online dating, thinks highly of this method of meeting potential mates. It is a marvelous tool to meet people you might not have otherwise met," he told

Once careers are solidified or children are grown, many couples realize that they've grown apart or don't really have much in common any longer.

Communication becomes difficult or practically nonexistent. For some couples, their beliefs or value systems might have shifted.

“We get guys that are 55 and fresh out of a divorce that think, ‘Oh my God, I feel like a kid in a candy store, there are so many women but so little time! Traditional forms of dating are being challenged within today’s “hookup culture,” which Northwestern University clinical psychologist Alexandra Solomon describes as a historically recent phenomenon involving young adults between the ages of 18 and 25.