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A collection of writings from young women that creates a dialogue about self-esteem, self-acceptance, healthy body image, discovering one's inner voice, and developing personal power within a media-saturated culture that perpetuates a static beauty standard. determined that young women find that generalized gender stereotypes limit their abilities to be themselves, accept their bodies, express themselves, take risks, and develop self-confidence.

The interactive activities included in this guidebook explore how to raise and nurture confident, courageous, and self-sufficient young women.

An investigation into why American adolescent girls experience depression, eating disorders, and suicide attempts at increasing rates, this book attempts to deconstruct the "girl-poisoning" culture we live in.

With personal stories and analysis, Pipher details how young women continue to struggle to find their true selves.

An exploration of the reasons why millions of people worldwide choose to self-mutilate including historical and cultural roots.

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