Nude cam myself

Stare at a mirror while you’re taking a photo, or better still, point the camera into the mirror at your face, so you can’t even tell there’s a mirror there (clean it first).

Nude cam myself-28

I’m going to be keeping these photos short, sweet, and to the point, so let’s get started. Where do you want your photo to be taken, and what do you want it to say about you?

Has something happened in your life recently, that you feel like you could represent in a photo?

Think about how you can give a little bit of information about yourself in your photos, and then use it.

This photo was taken today, and after moving into my new flat just 3 days ago. It seems like some sort of a joke, but it’s best to find which side looks best, after all, faces aren’t as symmetric as they appear.

That way, you can continue to see how you look, while you’re taking photos. If you opt for shooting handheld, remember that it’s harder to get the result that you want, and the camera is going to be much closer than it would be with a tripod.