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Sometimes the men bring rods with them as well, but these aren't homemade and instead have mainly been bought.'Miroslav Adamek can't imagine easter without a homemade rod.

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It ripped when a school friend attempted to thwart her flight.

'I join in for the sake of tradition and for the children,' says Kamila, now a mother of two, 'but personally I'm not overly fond of this easter ritual.'Her aunt Anna Pojezdalova, who lives in Germany, sees things quite differently.

And the obvious first question was what the promotion was about: "I am a product designer and I have a company that is producing erotic toys for women and every year we are doing some special edition.

This year we made a special edition with one artist.

This will be put into use on easter Monday, which in the Czech Republic is also known as 'Whipping Monday'.