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Gumbet Beach - Google Map Gumbet is the nearest beach district of Bodrum, about 2 km away and easily accessible from Bodrum's city center by very frequent public busses/hotel shuttles.

This is the place where you can see many gay-man around, most of them staying in neighborhood Gumbet or Bodrum hotels.

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If you want to just lie down and relax on the sun lounger Turgutreis, Torba, Gundogan and Bitez is for you.

If you are into water sports, crowded and loud fun beaches then stay in Gumbet.

Although Bodrum is known as one of the most gay-friendly summer destination in Turkey, there are few gay exclusive bars.

This is probably because most of the regular bars in Bodrum are also gay-friendly in Bodrum and the gay people do not necessarily need to be in a gay exclusive venue in order to have fun.

Because it is a free beach and has no professional services such as change-rooms, lockers etc, it is usually preferred by the people living in the vicinity; few tourists staying in the neighborhood hotels as well as poor & itinerant people who come to Bodrum to work.