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(She was not.)Overall, the plot of the show is like one long tear-down of the very genre it’s adapting.Makoto goes from immature, inexperienced, and indecisive to being a callous, promiscuous idiot. And it’s not as though the ending comes from out of nowhere. The first and last episodes begin with their title cards shattering like glass.Eventually, everything comes crashing down, as Sekai tells Makoto the news and chastises him to take responsibility.

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What follows in the plot plays out as if someone played a visual novel and constantly made poor decisions.

Though Makoto starts off as sympathetic and somewhat likeable despite his indecision and mistakes, he becomes worse and worse as a person as time goes on. Just as he leaves Kotonoha hanging as he cheats on her with Sekai, he cheats on Sekai with another girl, and then others.

It becomes clear that he has no interest in the needs of those he’s with, more concerned with momentary pleasure than forging relationships.

This sense of betrayal is best exemplified by Kotonoha’s plight.

She’s bullied by her classmates, whom all assume that Makoto had broken up with her (despite his never telling her), and as Makoto spends more and more time away from her, she grows more despondent.