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It’s important to see yourself in the design you are making.” From the beginning, the style I’m trying to create is casual and comfortable but really feminine.

I am always inspired by my travels, which helps me to decide on colors and fabrics.

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It is for the purpose of providing a broad platform for the development of the world model in China, promoting the model enterprise to develop to multiplication, specialization and individuality .

It has perfect service system, brand-new sales fashion, rich planning ability and experience, as well as many outstanding models providing the perfect specialized model service for you.

It hasn’t yet been announced whether Moments Lucky Money Photo will become a permanent feature, or if it’s just the opening salvo in the war against Alipay for your heart and your lucky money this Spring Festival.

But if they keep it up, Moments may just get even more popular — and definitely more expensive.

The feature, called "Moments Lucky Money Photo," was only available to accounts set in Chinese and automatically blurred all photos, essentially throwing up a pane of frosted glass over images.